DIY: Damage Free Blading

Being from a small town and involved with a few different community organizations, one of which was the skatepark association which we were pushing to get a skatepark, I knew a lot of local business owners and city officials.  Because of this we would try to do damage free blading in order to get the support of the community and to have them not think we were a bunch of hoodlems.

I happened to have a pick-up at the time and would keep a couple different pieces of iron angle and a launch ramp in the back.  Our downtown had a whole street lined with wood planters that after business hours we would screw the iron angle to them, skate and then pull them off.  Damage free blading.   It was great.  Never a bust, respectful, always shoveled in the winter and a lot easier to set up than hauling a grindbox around.

Well a few days ago I pulled a nice piece of PVC piping out of a nearby construction trash pile and tried to make a temporary skate spot at a neighboring school.  With a couple cuts it looked like it would work.  Unfortunately because the pipe wasn’t the full length of the planter I was unable to support it from the primary spots of contact when you jump on to the trick.

Hopefully with a  little trial and error, and the luck of finding another pipe that is the correct length this idea will work.  Definitely a quick and easy way to turn some construction trash into a fun little grind box with minimal work.  – Beastmaster

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