Back Home: Billy Anderson

I apologize for the lack of updates lately.  Jana and I have been on a trip to visit both of our families in MN (mine) and NYC (hers) with a pit stop in the Blackhills (SD).  While back home in Austin we lucked out and had some beautiful weather during which I was able to get a blade session in at the skatepark I was a part of fundraising for, presented renders and plans to the city and then was put in charge of designing and managing the construction of when I was 16.  Due to the lack of participation of the skateboard community in my home town, this park is very much designed for rollerbladers (within the restraints of MN parks insurance requirements) with most ledges being coped and made to a fun height with a couple real handrails incorporated into the design.  It was a a blast to skate back then and is a blast to skate now so I am always juiced to blade it every couple years when I get a chance to get back home.  So if you just happen to be passing through the small town of Austin, MN be sure to stop by the skatepark to enjoy the fresh smell of SPAM and a good time. – Beastmaster

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