Photo Set: ERock @ the Hidden Skatepark

ERock – Mute Gap

Being in an office all week, Saturday’s become more and more valuable.  It’s dark when you go to work and it’s dark when you leave work.  To add to that it’s cold so finding the motivation to get out and blade the one park or the few spots that are lit during the winter months is hard.  For as long as I have been in my career Saturday from 11a-5p has been allocated to blading.  Most people that know me, bladers or not, know that as well.  It’s during those 6 hours a week that I am able to finally quit checking my Outlook, my calendar, and all the things that occupy my mind on a consistant basis throughout the week.  I’m extremely fortunate to have a wife that supports those hours and realizes their importance.

Now getting back to where I was originally going with this post; Saturdays.  Waking up to 5″ of snow was not what I was looking forward to.  After I finished up my morning’s activities I thought I would make the most of the afternoon and set out to do some work – blade spot work.

ERock – Fishbrain Stall

Reaching down into my inner bro and with quite a few grunts, a lot of sweat and a sore back and arms, I took the ramps that were hidden out side of what we started to called the “Hidden Skatepark” and pulled, pushed and shimmied them into the neighboring abandoned building.  After finishing up, ERock hit me up and was off work and wanted to make some moves.  And here they are.  – Beastmaster

**If you do happen to know where this spot is at PLEASE DO NOT skate it during the week as there is construction going on right near it and I do not want this spot to be discovered/ruined.

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