1. That video brought back memories of almost 20 years ago of cruising around downtown, hopping on and off of park benches, jumping over trash cans and tennis court nets, grinding bike racks, 360ing little gaps and zooming down parking garages. My setup was Lightning TRS, CDS Detroit grindplates, and Hyper Fatboy wheels.

    Love the music and the filming, ecspecially the shot from above. Help reminded me why I started skating in the first place. The feeling of freedom and superpowers that came over me when the blades where on my feet. It wasn’t about doing the latest trick or making sure my ‘style’ was coherent with what the magazines dictated, but rather an escape from the growing up pains of an angst ridden, ADD confused, outcast yet defiant troubled life.

    Without rollerblading, and the outlet of sanity they created for me during those rough times, I really don’t know where I would be right now. Skating was the only thing I could trust at that time; the only thing that brought meaning.

    Now as I sit here, getting older and wider,(notice I didnt say wiser, lol) I recollect on those good times, and thank the powers that be for bringing rollerblading into my life.

    Thanks for the trip down nostalgia lane.

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