The wonderful utopia otherwise known as Daybreak

After being snaked by a gang of little scooters for the 100th time, Andy and I decided to give up on trying to skate Herriman’s skatepark and headed a little north to mess around at the Daybreak skateable art park.  Soon after arriving Andy got buck and tried what appeared to be a flatspin 540 but was later confirmed to be a mute 180 over the booby-bump launch and wrecked himself.  So our session in the world of Daybreak was cut short and we headed to In-n-Out instead.  Before leaving we stopped by what appeared to be a somewhat new kink rail and just to remember the glory days of doing somewhat big rails I topsouled it as quickly as these old legs would let me.  If you feel like taking the journey, go to Daybreak and you’ll feel like you were in Pleasantville USA which surprising has some pretty fun spots that aren’t a bust.  Bl8orDie! – Beastmaster

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