Snapped: The mysterious vortex of Sedona Az

Sorry for the lack of updates lately.  Works been hectic.  I go to work when it’s dark and leave when it’s dark so there hasn’t been much opportunity or energy to blade.

Fortunately there were a few small trips mixed in over the weekends and I got a short session in while in Sedona AZ.  Sedona is a place where wealthy hippies go to retire.  A community very conscious of their surroundings and even more crazy about the spiritual aura that apparently resides in the Sedona area.  The streets are filled with palm readers, psychics and other similar shops and services.  It is the one place in the northern hemisphere where the plants and trees grow, and the toilet bowl water spins in the opposite rotation as the rest of the northern hemisphere.  During our trip we met multiple people would were there as their last resort to be healed after unsuccessfully being treated with Chemo and other things.  Most definitely an interesting spot with some beautiful scenery and interesting culture. – Beastmaster

*should have some new pics and updates this weekend.

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