Saturday Sessions: Old Stompin’ Grounds

Kaycee – Top Soul
Kaycee with The Champ – West SLC

It’s funny how many strange people you encounter during a blade session.  After a warm up session at 9&9 skatepark we stop by a loading dock we spotted on the way to the park that had a small metal plate you could grind around.  We lucked out and found a former legendary soccer champion smoking his crackpipe in the corner which got him juiced to show us some of his move on some precription pill bottles he had laying around.  After a few fist pumps and knuckle bumps we got a little session in on this gritty iron angle.  From there we headed to my old stompin’ ground and Kaycee got buck wild for a group of skateboarders and topsouled the angle rail on South Temple  – spreading the good word of blading.

Billy – Backroyale

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