Spot Check: Burnside Skatepark – Portland Oregon


Billy Anderson – Vertical Lu-Kang Makio Stall

If you ever find yourself in the Portland area, I highly recommend checking out the infamous Burnside Skatepark.  Rarely will you see blader footage or pics from Burnside because of how hostile the local skateboards can not only be to bladers but also to anyone not who is not a local.  Located in a shady part of the industrial side of Portland, Burnside was an illegally built skatepark constructed under the Burnside Bridge that brings people in to downtown Portland.  The construction started around 1990 with a couple banks and transitions and later was developed into the most amazing collection of pools and bowls ruggedly but well built.  Aside from having an amazing layout and skates like street, the park is extremely picturesque.  So go check it out but be sure you get up early to beat the haters.. – Beastmaster

BurnsideairBilly Anderson – Mute Air



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