Spot Check: DIY Box

Last weekend Kaycee and I stubbled upon a dumpster full of crates made of 2x & 4×4’s along with some 1/2 sheets of plywood.  We took advantage of the find and built and loaded up my Subaru inside and out with supplies, picked up some PVC at Home Depot and constructed a large jersey barrier style grind box.  Unfortunately the plywood was a little too rigid to fit to the transitions which make the box somewhat of a challenge to blade but all in all it can be situated several different ways that make for a fun session.


BIlly Anderson – AO


kayceekindgrindKaycee Landsaw – Darkside Kind Grind

billyaotoppornBilly Anderson – Dark Side Top Porn

If you do blade the box be sure to put it back so that the local businesses don’t have it hauled away.  Gracias.  Bl8orDie DIY.

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