Saturday Sessions: Provo, Utah

With the new Provo skate plaza being opened up we decided it was mandatory to dedicate a Saturday to head down south and see what this plaza was like. Photos over the past month or so had been leaked and the night before Manuel posted an edit, needless to say anticipation for skating this plaza was quite high. We strategically set a plan to wake up early and try to beat the weekend rush. Sadly we were disappointed on two levels, A) it was packed with people just as excited as we were to skate B) the city hasn’t quite figured out the sprinkler situation so they were watering the rocks and surrounding grass right as we pulled up. Local heros stepped up to the plate and mopped the wet concrete and drug out the water with towels. It didn’t take too long before a majority of the water had dried up. We got a good session in and then set out for a little bit of street skating. We ended up at the old drainage ditches next to the mountain range where Hazen decided to get juiced and go hard.


Hazen Bell – Top Acid

After baking in the desert sun and grabbing a pita at the pita pit we stopped and grabbed a couple photos at an abandoned building.


Billy Anderson – AO Topsoul


Kaycee Landsaw – Stair Gap

All and all it turned out to be a great weekend with plenty of adventure as always.



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