After Work Session: Old Spots Revisited

kayceefarfcloudsKaycee – Front Farf

I was really surprised when Kaycee said he wanted to hit a handrail tonight.  I don’t think he nor I have ever said that to eachother since the first time we ever bladed together.  Well we didn’t hit the rails we were intending to hit but instead got side tracked when we were near the old LDSBC building and remniscing about when Cameron shot some photos of us there for the first time and how juiced we got to get REAL photos of us blading.

Anyhow, with some wax and a different view on the spot we had a fun session there.   Got caught in the rain for a bit but after it passed it turned out to be a great night.  Bl8orDie – Beastmaster

billysoulaotopsoulBilly – Soul on bottom ledge to AO Topsoul on rail

kayceeaomakioKaycee – Fast plant to AO makio around curve

billynegmistrialBilly – Neg Mistrial





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