Guerrilla Blade Jam 2013

Saturday July 27, 2013 marks the day of the second annual Guerrilla Blade Jam hosted at Central Park in Sunset City, Utah.The name guerrilla blade jam comes from the idea of guerrilla warfare where groups of combatants use military tactics, such as ambushes or raids to create the element of surprise. In the same concept of an ambush or a raid the Guerrilla Blade Jam was created by selecting a spot and building skateable objects the day of the contest.

We created the blade jam as a radical out of the box approach to throwing a contest. The element of surprise and the creativity that goes into these contest makes it so exciting for everyone involved.

The location of the contest this year held at Central Park in Sunset City was announced early Saturday morning on social media, which lead people to know where to meet up.

Just as you would image the difficulties and challenges that would arise for a group of combatants as they ambush or raid their targets, this year’s blade jam came with its challenges as well.

The day before the contest Hazen went to check on the spot to make sure everything was clear and ready to go for the next day. He showed up and the Sunset City Fun Days Carnival was going on right where we planned to hold the contest. After a few phone calls and weighing out our options we decided we would try to make it happen in the morning anyway.

When we showed up to set up all the obstacles this morning I thought to myself, there is no way this contest is going to happen without the cops kicking us all out with nice fines to go with it. When the carnival organizer came up to us and found out what was going on and then supported it, my mind was blown!

With luck on our side things and a little bit of slick talking everything came together. After talking with Sunset City officials they ended giving us permission to hold the contest and even better asked us to come back next year where they would help us raise sponsorship.

The competition itself went off and it was awesome to see the level of blading that our scene has reached. One of the most rewarding things for not only us as organizers but I am sure for everyone there who skated as well was how many people the contest attracted that had never been exposed to rollerblading. At one point I remember looking over and seeing three cops standing next to one of the spots getting juiced as everyone skated. It was just rad to see the support we got outside of our community and really opened some eyes to what we do.

The spots in the contest were pretty gnarly this year. As Beastmaster and I had been going over what to make for the contest the previous weeks, I will admit I was a little skeptical about how it was going to turn out and wondered if anyone would actually even be able to skate the spots. Everyone ended up killing all the spots. The ending spot was intense. Hazen and Carlos both really pulled through on getting the pipe welded to fit inside those pipes. Standing at almost neck high it was sick to see what happened on that spot.

The Guerrilla Blade Jam has been a huge success for us individually as well as our rollerblading community in Utah. We look forward to more events like this coming together in the future and hope everyone will stay excited for what is in store.

Big shout outs to all those who made this contest possible, especially our sponsors. Revolution skate shop, Razors, Ground Control, Jug, Remz, Amall, Roller warehouse, Adapt, Chimera. Also a big thanks to those who made the drive, long or short and came out to support our community. Super stoked to see everyone there and having a blast.

The results of the contest were:

Hazen Bell 1st

Chris Napoleon 2nd

Marc Clune 3rd


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