Thusday Night Blade Feat. Tory Treseder

Yes you heard right the man, the myth, the legend Tory Treseder came out for a fun little blade session at We Are One Skate park…..not to mention Roger Emmer as well. It was great seeing them have fun and blade again. I have always been a fan of these two and considering we have had some people leave us here in Salt Lake recently so it is good to know these dudes who have done so much for the salt lake blade scene are still around. Yes we get older and have different priorities these days but sometimes you just got to escape reality for a bit and put on the blades. All I can say is I am stoked to hear Tory and Roger want to come out more often and film so to me thats gonna be a huge deal to see them more. Also the rest of the bladed and faded dudes came out and shredded super hard too. So enjoy because we are doing what we can in this cold weather but I assure you were are still filming and getting footy for the vid. Also thanks to WAO for having a place for us to skate during the cold months, its pretty awesome. Make sure to support and buy your blade products there.


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