Saturday Sessions: Golden Days

To celebrate Andy Luke’s wedding this weekend, we had the pleasure of welcoming back Beastmaster, an old SLC native. Despite the the winter temperatures, we managed to get out and get a little bit of blading done. We got a little session in at an abandoned schools spot that I still am confused on how we never had found before. Here are a few snaps and an iPhone 6 video edit from the school session.


Beastmaster – Mute Grab


Kaycee – Backslide


Beastmaster – Backslide


Billy “Beastmaster” Anderson
Kaycee Landsaw
Roger Emmer

We also got a good Rose Park session in with all the boys. We had one heck of a turn out too. Manuel graced us with an instagram edit of that session too. You can check it out here:

Manuel’s Instagram Video

One comment

  1. Nice, that looked fun!!! congrats andy im getting married in june pretty stoked about that. HEY any of you homies reading this should hit me up when you go street. 577 -1000

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