Happy Birthday to The Blog

Hard to believe this thing was created six years ago now. Technically it turned six last week but life gets in the way and we all kind of push things till the last minute. There have been a lot of great moments since the beginning of all this but why would any of you want to hear me ramble on. Personally I wasn’t sure how long the blog would last after the main contributor Billy Anderson left the great state of Utah. But then we also had other contributors leave as well such as Cameron Card and Jeff Stanger who were a vital part of the Utah Blade Scene. And of course lets not forget the other two contributors Andy Luke and Kaycee Landsaw who were just too hot to handle being single and ended up getting married…to really cool women of course. With both of them now married and new careers, it only made sense that blading would be put on the back burner for a while. Even with all of that though I know each and everyone one of these guys still has love for the Utah Blade Scene and so I asked a few of them to look back on some of the fonder moments and do a little write up for the blog and share some history with everyone -Manuel


After work sessions have always been my favorite. Been sitting in front of a computer all day watching the clock and dreaming of new spots to be skated. Many work days were spent emailing Beastmaster back and forth about new spots or ideas for blading. I remember when we saw this spot in a Slug Mag and figured out where it was. It was one of those days where I couldn’t wait for work to be over to stretch those legs and lace a few tricks. The spot ended up being too perfect to last. We had one of the funnest after work sessions I have ever had and then shortly after the spot was dozed over. I will never forget that smooth concrete and buttery iron angles though. Cheers to after work sessions and new spots!

dust bowl from bl8 or die on Vimeo.


I always liked rolling around downtown and hitting whatever could be hit, or trying to, or at least thinking about trying to. It was also cool to see the city in a different way, I’ve been down some alleys that I wouldn’t bother to go down otherwise. I feel like this day I landed a decent amount of tricks and some new ones to boot, plus the weather was awesome. I also remember a kid that had been walking by being super stocked after I landed that last trick, and that was pretty cool.

Check out the Photos from this day!!!


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