BBQ and Blade 2016

Well the summer has officially come to a close. Of course this is always seen as such a bummer knowing the cold is near. Because of this I decided to throw the second annual BBQ and Blade event at our favorite location Rose Park Skate park. Along with the event we also premiered my second release “This is Livin” at the Beehive Social Club which was very special to me mostly due to the fact that it felt much more “organic” than say my first video mostly due to there being less pressure on everyone to perform such gnarly stunts.

Either way I couldn’t have been happier with the event. The skate gods held off the rain for the entire BBQ and I was able to give out free stuff to people who were truly stoked to be there. I want to thank all the amazing sponsors for helping out and being the best at what they do. Rollerwarehouse, Razors and Ground Control, Oak City Skate Shop, and especially to my sponsor K2 skates for always taking care of me and making this event legit.


all photos by Manuel Rodriguez and Kirill Braynin


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