Happy 7th birthday to the blog!

Recently I was asked to put together a small portfolio of some skate photos I’ve taken, so naturally I got onto the blog to see which of my photos I could save from the page. After scrolling for a while I came across a post titled “The Blog Turns 6 today!” I scrolled past and then quickly scrolled back to check out the date. March 1st. That’s today. Marking the blogs 7th birthday! I know that doesn’t seem like a huge deal, but thats seven years. Seven years of Salt Lake blade content. I was pretty excited. I kept scrolling deeper into the blog to see if I had anymore photos, followed by watching some older edits, and just generally taking a look back in time. I started to feel very nostalgic about our little blog and all the great times we’ve had. Things don’t seem as they once did. I would say a majority of the guys are in their early 30s or late 20s by now. Some have wives, some have kids, and all of us have less time to devote to what we used to spend so much of our younger years doing. I decided I was going to scroll to the very first post, saving some of my favorite photos from the last seven years. I don’t mean to be sappy, but time sure does fly, and I’m glad I’ve had some of the funnest experiences of my life with some really great friends- and this small blog that captured all of them.





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