Forecast Trade Show

To be honest the forecast trade show event was an easy choice for me to attend because it not only allowed me to represent K2 skates and talk to people who were interested in the skates but I also saw it as a great opportunity to see what the rollerblading industry was up to along with possibly meeting new friends and seeing a whole lot of old ones too. Last year was such a great time that I knew I had to make it back for this years. Jon, Mike,  Jason and I’m sure many others did such a great job bringing out the best of the best for this event that eventually leads into Blading Cup around November.  Obviously taking tons of pics was not a huge priority for me due to making sure the booth was taken care of but here are a few moments from it. I hope everyone can check it out next year because it really is a special event. I think what I like about it more than anything is its not so stressful for everyone trying to win a competition but instead just mellow sessions with cool prizes provided by the sponsors. K2 skates were proud to sponsor the Best Trick event with a lot of great tricks that went down for a chance to win a pair of 2017 unnatural’s. Unfortunately I was a judge so documenting the event was not an option for me but I will just let you know that some amazing things happened.  Until next time…

-Manuel Rodriguez



Dan the man at the K2 booth


Before everything got started


 lots of great people wanting to try the K2 sodos


The kids course was so good




The kids event was amazing to watch



The future


People taking stuff to the next level



Oscar Sosa with a huuuuge AO Fish


Good times all around

k2 1

K2 line up


The man himself and organizer Jon Julio


Robert Leivanos will forever be a rollerblading legend in my eyes


Russell Day winning best trick competition


Another legend Matt Andrews

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