Looking Back-Matt Moya “Espy” Section

Today we are taking a stroll down memory lane and remembering the beastly section from Roger Emmer’s video “Espy” At this point in time Matt Moya was already making a name for himself,  having numerous clips in multiple videos at the time of this release and picking up various skate sponsors. But a whole lot of people’s first real glimpse into the madness of Matt Moya’s skating was this video. Growing up in St.George I always heard about how good this guy was  and how he was even better in person. I always considered myself a fan of his skating but it took this video for me to realize he was the real deal. Skating classic spots such as “cursed rails” and the very favorite “state street rails” he proved that all these spots were basically training grounds for him and watching this section I think you will see just how much work he put into this part. Also the ender 540 gap he did at the U is still incredible to this day. Give it a watch and you will see how hard this section goes.

-Manuel Rodriguez

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