Happy Holidays/New Sk8park Directory

Click the image to get your rollerblader friends a gift for their christmas tree.
Rollerblade Ornament


Also be sure to check out the NEW rollerblade directory tab up top! (OR CLICK HERE)
We have so many skateparks here I really can’t name them all… Let’s help each other and contribute our local cement/indoor park information to the directory.

MME – APRIL – “2 Hour Break From Finals”

Adam Killgore over at DENIAL has been kind enough to help me get a camera (550d/T2i). I’ve decided to do a monthly edit while filming for other projects. I can’t tell you how much I love having a video camera again.

Thanks ADAM!

Also, thanks to Kato for hooking it up with the REMZ.
Current set up
Special Cut Up Remz Haffey’s 2010’s
Blue FL Ground Control’s
Blue OS Cuff
Blue Backslide Plate
White Soul
John Bolino Denial Wheels

Watch out for May’s “MME”! I just finished school and will have way more time to get out and film. There will also be some guest appearances. I’m traveling to State College, PA and will hopefully get some time at Woodward.

Until next time…

-Cameron Card