EVENT: Guerrilla Blade Jam 2 – July 27th

It’s that time of year again; time for another Guerrilla Blade Jam.  We’ve locked down the spot, set the date (July 27th noon-4pm), we’re compiling ideas for obstacles and the search for supplies has begun.  This year we will be having a BBQ to go along with the contest as the location this year is in a more accommodating area (bathrooms, picnic tables, shade, etc).

As a result of the positive response we got from all of you on the format of the contest we will be sticking with the one-spot-at-a-time-jam-session-one-winner-each-spot-and-one-winner-overall format.  There will be additional help with this year’s contest so we will hopefully have a bunch of product from sponsors as well as some pretty legit obstacles and some good food.  Entry fee is $5 and the overall winner will take it all.  Each individual obstacle winner will get product.

Here is a little hint of what the spot is (minus all the obstacles we will be adding).  So request work off, spread the word and get juiced.

[vimeo vimeo.com/69432792]


The Guerilla Blade Jam is this Saturday so do what ever you can to get there.  We are meeting at Fairmont Skatepark for a pre-contest warm-up around 11 and then will carpool to the spot. This is “guerilla” format so all the spots are jerry rigged/homemade adjustments to existing street spots.  It’s going to be a blast.  The contest is session style so everyone will hit one obstacle at a time allowing it to have that real session feel and for everyone to get hyped off eachother’s juice.  This is for all levels and prize will be given at random to bladers that are pushing themselves and then a winner will be announced at the end for a cash prize.  $5 entry fee.  Winners take all.


Contest: AIL Championships

As I was scrolling through the pics on Be-mag from the AIL contest that took place this past weekend, I found this steezed out lu-kang 360 (I’m guessing) of UT’s own and WAO co-owner Zach Nelson.  Not sure how everyone did but I am sure our scene repped pretty hard.  – Beastmaster

CONTEST: A Chosen Few @ WAO

Winner Jon Erickson with a true kind grind

All I have to say was today’s contest was intense.  There was a great turn out (close to 100?) with tons of energy.  Lots of amazing tricks went down and everyone was feeding off of everyone else’s energy.  There was a good amount of diversity in tricks varying from spins, technical tricks and hammers.  There’ll be an official edit released soon but for now here are a few pics to tide you over.

16 & Under Winner Colby with a disaster pornstar

Gator Bl8er getting ready to drop in

MC’s Chris and Mat keeping everyone going

3rd place Cameron Card with a half cap mistrial

Chris Napolean with a stale 180 gap.  Scary moment for all of us.  Get better Chris!


So I realized I had some extra wheels from one of the packages I got from the Conference a while back and thought that I might be cool to hold a little picture contest here on the blog.  So here are the rules and instructions:

  1. One picture per person – Pick your best
  2. Can be any format – i.e. cell phone pic, camera pic, Instagram/hipstomatic filters, whatever you want.
  3. This contest is to show your creativity in your spot selection, how you show the trick and how you capture the whole moment/atmosphere.  NOT necessarily a biggest/best trick contest.
  4. Only street skating pictures.
  5. Submissions are due July 15th.  Email to bl8ordieblog@gmail.com with PHOTO CONTEST in the subject line.
  6. All pics that meet the requirements will be post on the blog immediately following the deadline and voting will be done through the blog by its readers.

Good luck – Beastmaster