EVENT: Guerrilla Blade Jam 2 – July 27th

It’s that time of year again; time for another Guerrilla Blade Jam.  We’ve locked down the spot, set the date (July 27th noon-4pm), we’re compiling ideas for obstacles and the search for supplies has begun.  This year we will be having a BBQ to go along with the contest as the location this year is in a more accommodating area (bathrooms, picnic tables, shade, etc).

As a result of the positive response we got from all of you on the format of the contest we will be sticking with the one-spot-at-a-time-jam-session-one-winner-each-spot-and-one-winner-overall format.  There will be additional help with this year’s contest so we will hopefully have a bunch of product from sponsors as well as some pretty legit obstacles and some good food.  Entry fee is $5 and the overall winner will take it all.  Each individual obstacle winner will get product.

Here is a little hint of what the spot is (minus all the obstacles we will be adding).  So request work off, spread the word and get juiced.

[vimeo vimeo.com/69432792]

Spot Check: Gateway FrontRunner Station

If you ever take the FrontRunner from SLC north, you’ll notice that they’ve recreated the main FrontRunner hub at a new location by the Gateway.  Handicap rails and all.  The upside of this is that there isn’t a UTA office at the new stop so it’s basically a none bust unlike the main hub is.  Their stainless rails so be sure to bring wax and be respectful of the FrontRunner users so that it doesn’t get capped.