SPOT CHECK: Trailside Skatepark



Zach – Tea Kettle

Getting it in this morning and avoiding the puddles from this morning’s rain at Park City’s hidden gem – Trailside Skatepark.



TJ – AO Mistrial

Manuel360staleManuel – Stale 360

ChrisNegMisfitChris – Neg Misfit

ChrisAOFishChris – AO Fish from Flat

ChrisAirChris – Mute Air





Spot Check: Millcreek Find

medissoulBilly – Disaster Soul

I really can’t remember where these are at – Millcreek/Holladay area.  But they were fun.  Kaycee dropped a pin and we plan on doing some serious mason bricking.  – Beastmaster

kayceeaosoulKaycee – Prepping for marrage AO Soul

kayKaycee – Zero Pstar



Spot Check: Gateway FrontRunner Station

If you ever take the FrontRunner from SLC north, you’ll notice that they’ve recreated the main FrontRunner hub at a new location by the Gateway.  Handicap rails and all.  The upside of this is that there isn’t a UTA office at the new stop so it’s basically a none bust unlike the main hub is.  Their stainless rails so be sure to bring wax and be respectful of the FrontRunner users so that it doesn’t get capped.

Spot Check: DIY Box

Last weekend Kaycee and I stubbled upon a dumpster full of crates made of 2x & 4×4’s along with some 1/2 sheets of plywood.  We took advantage of the find and built and loaded up my Subaru inside and out with supplies, picked up some PVC at Home Depot and constructed a large jersey barrier style grind box.  Unfortunately the plywood was a little too rigid to fit to the transitions which make the box somewhat of a challenge to blade but all in all it can be situated several different ways that make for a fun session.


BIlly Anderson – AO


kayceekindgrindKaycee Landsaw – Darkside Kind Grind

billyaotoppornBilly Anderson – Dark Side Top Porn

If you do blade the box be sure to put it back so that the local businesses don’t have it hauled away.  Gracias.  Bl8orDie DIY.