Spring is upon us so it is time to start organizing weekly TNB sessions.  Keep your eye on our Tweetfeed to the right of the page and the Facebook Utah Blade Scene group for weekly locations.

Tonight will be Sandy skatepark starting at 6pm

Flow Zone Roll Contest x TNB

As some of you may know…

Matt Farnworth, Justin Mousley, and tons of other volunteers have been building this sweet backyard rampThey are putting on the finishing touches with a masonite layer and holding a contest this Thursday.

Here’s the details:

  • Thursday, July 15th
  • 346 East 9800 South Sego Lily Drive
  • Warmups between 5-6pm
  • Contest from 6 to dusk
  • $5 entry fee
  • Cash prizes for top 3

Spread the word…

TNB History

Thursday is a night that is infamous for bladers to gather. As close to the end of the week as you can get without screwing up plans for Friday night.  Unless you want to sit in the grass for at least half the session, don’t bring your girlfriend.

The weather in Utah makes it hard to make solid plans ahead of time in the colder months.  The defacto location ends up being Sandy skatepark, which is the park you’ll see most frequently in the edits below.  Most of them feature shameless plugs for Roll Mart.

These sessions are important because it’s where we meet new bladers, organize sessions for the week and weekend, and generally push each other.  Most every Utah rollerblader is goofy in their own respect and this is clear to any outsider after just one Thursday session.  We are constantly joshing with each other, quoting the newest tv episodes and/or movies, or doing some new voice.

If you’re ever in town, check the blogs twitter account for the location.  You won’t be let down. I’d goes as far to say that we have the best Thursday night gatherings in rollerblading, but then again, I’m biased.

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