Profile- Alex Jimenez

Lately the Ogden scene hasn’t been getting the attention it deserves. To be honest there pretty much is no scene there anymore now that most of the locals either quit or moved to Salt Lake. Luckily one dude is holding it down right now and even though he mostly does solo sessions he isn’t letting that discourage him from busting some great tricks all while giving Ogden a fresh take on blading. I sure hope Alex comes and skates with us more often here in SLC but honestly judging from the clips he has in this section it looks like maybe we need to go up there more often. This section was filmed and edited by Danial Larsen.


Looking Back-Matt Moya “Espy” Section

Today we are taking a stroll down memory lane and remembering the beastly section from Roger Emmer’s video “Espy” At this point in time Matt Moya was already making a name for himself,  having numerous clips in multiple videos at the time of this release and picking up various skate sponsors. But a whole lot of people’s first real glimpse into the madness of Matt Moya’s skating was this video. Growing up in St.George I always heard about how good this guy was  and how he was even better in person. I always considered myself a fan of his skating but it took this video for me to realize he was the real deal. Skating classic spots such as “cursed rails” and the very favorite “state street rails” he proved that all these spots were basically training grounds for him and watching this section I think you will see just how much work he put into this part. Also the ender 540 gap he did at the U is still incredible to this day. Give it a watch and you will see how hard this section goes.

-Manuel Rodriguez

Two can play that game

It seems as though this week was a special one, mainly because we get to see two very awesome blade sections from two of the best dudes in SLC.

The first one is Nicholas Swans part from Idaho native Erik Bill Snake River Special 3. This section has it all, grinds, jumps, spins, and everything in between. Will this be the last we ever see of Nick Swan actually grinding stuff? We will just have to wait and see. You can purchase the whole video here if you would like.

The next section is actually a re-upload from Alex Bass who ended up losing all of this content from Vimeo. Fortunately vimeo saw how bad ass this section was and decided to give him props on his skating. Actually, that didn’t happen but I’m guessing Alex is just hoping for better luck this time. Either way we are glad he decided to put this epic part up again.

hazen 2016 from alex bass on Vimeo.

Pre-camp photo dump

We’re on the eve of the 2017 Uinta Camp and Blade- and that means that I will take wayyyy to many photos on the trip in order to have enough content for a quality post. I thought I would clear out some space on my memory card by dropping a few photos on here from this past weekend. Things to note- Jeff Stanger was in town, and even baby Grayson made an appearance at a down rail. Shred!


Swan trashFrodo TetherHazen soulFrodo dogFrodo gap topsoulSwan walkHazen Swan TJTadGreysonSwan gapHazenAelx kgFrodo playinHWFrodo zoneBasscam

Summer is for the birds (and the boys)

June was being really cool to us. She was nice. She was warm. She was just generally pleasant. But like all good things she had to go. Then July came. July isn’t so nice. Went straight for the 100+ temp days and has made skating during the days unfavorable. Although these photos are less skating, and more hanging (presumably because it’s easier to be in the shade than be out in the sun) I still managed to snag a few shots of the boys enjoying summer. July will be here for another little while, but we don’t mind much, since she’s hot.



Chris Fish AirHazen portraitTad night waveTad and the boys blurJett Tad watch clipJett Tad fist bumpswan songTad reflectionEthanBass portaitJet negative soulChris bag