Saturdays Session: The Lions Den

Good to have the Beastmaster back in town for a quick Saturday session. Just a few quick hits of Billy Anderson, Andy Luke and Kaycee Landsaw.


-Beastmaster – Zero Fish


-Kaycee – Mute Air


-Andy – Air to Fakie


-Kaycee – Lu-Kang Air


-Beastmaster – Topsoul



-Andy – Royal



Snapped: 2nd and 2nd

Good session rollin around 2nd and 2nd with the fellas before we lost sunlight. Chris took a nasty shot on the closeout to both shins. Get feelin’ better soon bud.

ImageJohn, Chris & Zach


Zach Nelson – Lege Roll to Mute Grab


Chris – The Aftermath

Fisheye Fridays #9 “Only Bro’s allowed”

Another episode of fisheye fridays takes you to sunny and warm St.George Utah. I was visiting family while in town for thanksgiving and was luckily able to meet up with Harbor and Duran Bickmore and of course my brother Richard Rodriguez. I always enjoy skating this park. It was built really well and every time I skate there I always leave happy knowing I learned some new tricks. If you are ever in St.George then you definitely need to go there. Right now its colder than balls in Salt Lake City so why not warm up and get some blading in just a few hours south of here. The St.George crew is always down to shred.

-Manuel Rodriguez

The Bl8 or Die Blog is Turning 3 Years Old: Video Contest

It brings me great pleasure to say that the blog has survived an astonishing 3 years come next February and it won’t be stopping anytime soon. Of course its harder to produce content when its so cold out but Billy,Kaycee,Andy and Myself are doing our best to keep coming out with that good stuff. Well I figured since its a momentous event in the blogs life I wanted to do something special. I want to do a video contest. This contest is only open to Utah residents and videos must be submitted before the end of February. I know its tough to get new fresh footage when its this cold out. But I want to let you know you are welcome to use older footage. Of course if it is newer then you definitely win points with me. There are really no rules to this but if there were guidelines as to how to impress me these are the ways.

  1.The newer footage the better

  2. Use Creative editing(Im a big video nerd and if you can put together something clean and fresh with some good editing its a big deal to me so make sure to use timelapses, dollys,tripods anything that can make the product better)

  3. Build Spots( All of us at bl8 or die blog love building spots as you can tell and if you can get creative building something of your own it can help you in a big way and its also way fun)

  4. Promoting the blog is showing you care about the local blade scene and also showcases our unique obstacles to skate.

  5. NO DUBSTEP!!!!!

The winner will receive Frames, wheels, bearing of their choice up to $100 value please keep edits under 2 min but there is no time limit of course.


-Manuel Rodriguez


Lost and Found: Photo Edition

Lost and Found: Photo Edition

This photo was taken during a trip to Boise right before the Snake River Special Premier. All of us were trying to recover from last nights shenanigans(hungover as shit) and former SLC resident now residing in Denver Colorado Jeff Stanger laces a nice little backside air for us.
-Manuel Rodriguez

Saturday sessions ep .1

This last weekend proved to me that even with a bigger group of roller bladers you can still get some work done. This is all the left over footage that we were able to make a quick edit out of. This Saturday was full of such good skating that even Jon Dickerson pooped his pants…true story.